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  1. Mainländer

    Successful failure No one is fucking the type of foid I wanted the most in the world

    They are middle-class and above, some are rich.
  2. Mainländer

    What's your view on lolicon

    I like it, but I very, very rarely fap to it.
  3. Mainländer

    Successful failure No one is fucking the type of foid I wanted the most in the world

    No one is fucking 12-15 prime-aged, white foids from the upper stratas of society. Among the favela population, almost exclusively constituted of nonwhites, foids are commonly pregnant at as soon as 12, but such things never ever happen with white girls from middle classe and above. No one is...
  4. Mainländer

    JBpill Transgenderism x pedophilia

    Feminists/liberals/progressives oppose any kind of pedophile practice (even peck-kissing 17 yo foids as an adult male, which qualifies as pedophilia for them) with the argument that such relationships cause trauma. But what about the transgender shit they want to push onto little children? It's...
  5. Mainländer

    Romeo and Juliet laws

    Because those laws are not based on biology or logic but rather based on feminist theories such as "power unbalance" caused by age discrepancy.
  6. Mainländer

    JFL How did IT get here?

    It actually took quite a while.
  7. Mainländer

    Best face, change my mind.

    She looks like an angel. Her very existence feels like a great injustice.
  8. Mainländer

    JFL The best response to a JB pic ever

    OP: "Take off your shirt, raise it in the air and start spinning it" Fourth reply: "I'm at home, 7 AM, haven't slept for God knows how long, dick is rock hard, living in a hole where AoC is 14, only slutty rotten nigger foids whose mileage are in the thousands and then a motherfucker comes...
  9. Mainländer

    The reason why JB pics and vids make people "uncomfortable"

    The only reason why it ever makes or made me uncomfortable is the law. I don't want to go to the jail. I'd say it's also the main reason why men in general get uncomfortable with it, no one gets uncomfortable over an ugly grandma naked or something, as much as it's repulsive.
  10. Mainländer

    We've witnessed a complete inversion of normal and healthy reproductive practices and preferences

    One can never stress enough that the current AoC laws throughout the west were set by "feminist Christians".
  11. Mainländer

    Hey Mainländer

    Now it's working perfectly.
  12. Mainländer

    The successful failure at a yoga challenge megathread

    I'd just use my dick instead of my legs and aim a bit lower on the abdomen and it would work perfectly.
  13. Mainländer

    Most girls will lose their virginity as teens

    I was doing such things as well :confused: But I wouldn't oppose some advance from a girl (that never happened).
  14. Mainländer

    Video The bottle flip challenge megathread

    Ok you convinced me. Must be funny to browse .is together with you.
  15. Mainländer

    Would you fuck this girl's face? The sierpnia megathread

    She's too young, I would feel too bad afterwards :( I'd rather just cuddle and play with her.
  16. Mainländer

    Video The bottle flip challenge megathread

    She 's not that attractive facially but she does have nice thighs. I kinda like chubby girls, sometimes it fits them well enhancing some body parts.
  17. Mainländer

    Tween The cleaning my room megathread

    People say things like "she doesn't have tits, hips or ass, how can you find that attractive"? To which I answer, Face > all AND some do have amazing asses. Not to mention how lots of adult holes don't have any of the 4 either.
  18. Mainländer

    Beautiful The pre-teen walking on the beach megathread

    Cute, would walk through the beach holding hands with in the sunset.
  19. Mainländer

    I do not find most girls posted here sexually attractive.

    Feels bad man. Maybe Zesto was right in the end.