JBpill JBs could make billions of men happier

Just by kissing them or cuddling with them shortly. Yet society forces them to go to school instead and learn shit that will be useless to the vast majority of them.

When I recollect high school, I didn't learn anything useful at all. I absolutely suck at STEM and never used anything beyond basic calculation, distribution and proportion again after HS, and as for humanities, it was nothing but leftist propaganda. All my sociology teachers were staunch Marxists who preached BS such as races don't exist.

Why are we forcing girls to do this BS instead of forcing them to do very quick and simple stuff to boost the morale of men? The government could say: "be a good citizen and do X and Y and you'll get to kiss a hot 13 yo orphan girl". Since they're being forced to do stuff anyway, and since they aren't marrying young, could be an amazing idea. Even if only like 2% of the JB population was used it would already be awesome.
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